What is?

For those who don’t know the Micromouse contest video gives an idea! But in the video is the champion of the ‘world’ (considering the Japanese contest the world’s best because it involves the best teams). The maze is comprised of 16 x 16 (256) blocks (cells) of 18 cm X 18 cm. The starting cell is a cell in the lower left corner and the goal is the four central cells.

The robot has 10 min. to ‘show its best’. Usually, the robot uses the first few minutes to discover the path to the center and explore the maze (Exploratory Phase). After running an optimization algorithm and then makes one, or more, faster runs (Fast Phase). Note that the time of a ‘run’ is the time it takes the robot to go from the starting cell to the target (central cells). What the video shows is the Fast Phase (faster run) of the “All Japan Micromouse” 2011 winner (Ng Beng Kiat).